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Rewarded Learning for Kids

The Prickly Bear app encourages kids to learn on screens by rewarding them with Robux and other in-game currencies. The more you learn, the more you earn!

Prickly Bear is certified by the kidSAFE Seal Program.
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through fun apps and games


Bearbux our learning currency


rewards in games kids love

320,000 kid downloads
21,000 rewards redeemed
60,000 hours learned
1.2 million ads averted

Hell must have frozen over, my son asked me for permission to study on his screen!


It’s perfect for children as it gives incentives to learn.


My kid’s loving it, I definitely recommend it to any parent!


I used to struggle with times tables but this app made it so easy! It’s like having a fun teacher right in your pocket.

Jameela, 9

Get to know us

Meet Anshu, a mother of two and the driving force behind Prickly Bear—a passionate team dedicated to creating healthier screen time habits for kids.

  • Over 300K kid downloads in the UK
  • Over 60,000 hours of active learning
  • Over 1.2 million ads averted

Join us on this incredible journey!

Anshu Kotak, COO – mother of two

Enter the Pricklyverse

Explore a world of games designed to help kids build essential skills while having fun.

Prickly Bear

Learn general knowledge

Learn more
Run Bear Run

Improve times tables

Learn more
Type Bear Type

Practice typing

Learn more
Word Bear Word

Develop vocabulary

Learn more
Match Bear Match

Enhance memory

Learn more
Chow Down

Balance healthy meals

Learn more

All kids learn and earn

Boost incentives to increase your kid’s learning. The more they learn, the more they earn!

Prickly Lite


  • Unlimited learning
  • Access the Pricklyverse
  • Earn rewards up to £5 p/m

Prickly Power

£4.99 p/m

  • Access the Pricklyverse
  • 50% discount on rewards
  • Earn rewards up to £10 p/m

Prickly Mighty

£9.99 p/m

  • Access the Pricklyverse
  • 50% discount on rewards
  • Earn rewards up to £15 p/m

Prickly Epic

£19.99 p/m

  • Access the Pricklyverse
  • 50% discount on rewards
  • Earn rewards up to £25 p/m
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Our trusted partners

“Partnering with Prickly Bear is a step towards transforming the wellness of millions of people around the world”

Holland & Barrett

we got you!

We’ve crafted our gamified learning content to help kids build recall and retrieval practices.

With experience-based learning, kids retain information better to apply in real-world situations.

Say goodbye to ads

Kids spend hours browsing the internet for free in-game currencies, but most of that time is wasted watching ads. Prickly Bear replaces ads with educational nuggets called ‘eds’!Choose your favourite topic and give our eds a try!

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We look forward to having you join Prickly Bear on this journey to help all kids develop healthy digital habits.

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