Motivating Kids to Learn on Screens

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Meet our founders

Prickly Bear was founded by parents and professionals who are striving to make education better for the next generation.

Assi, CEO

Assi is a father of 4, based in London, avid Brawl Stars player, kid at heart. Assi led commercial growth at Sight Diagnostics, ran data at the Very Group, and spent 7 years at McKinsey & Company.

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Anshu, COO

Anshu is a mother of 2, mathematician by trade, and spent 20 years in sales & finance. After leaving Goldman Sachs, she founded Buy To Let Loose, became BBC Radio’s Property Guru, and wrote a bestselling book.

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Our Mission

We are on a mission to improve screen time and help kids develop healthy digital habits.

A neuroscientific approach to Education

We embed scientifically-proven methods to create meaningful learning experiences

Reward, without punishment

Studies have shown that children and adolescents learned from rewards, but were less likely to learn from punishment. For this reason, we don’t punish kids for failure – instead providing different degrees of reward to encourage greater effort and foster determination.

Recall and retrieval practices

Learning is a matter of recall. Research shows that deliberately recalling information enhances learning and memory formation. We use proven retrieval practices in our courses to help kids learn and remember more.

Failure, success and experience

Experience-based learning has been shown to be more effective than learning from instruction, and this is especially true for children – that’s why we create learning experiences that are geared to allow kids to fail and to help them succeed next time.

Self-reflection and alternating brain states

Neuroscience shows that learning and development necessitates an effective balance between external attention and internal reflection – by alternating between focused and diffuse brain states, we allow kids to develop healthy learning habits.

Our advisors

We’re supported by a leading team of researchers and thought leaders across gaming and education.

Prof. Daniel Levy

Daniel leads the Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory at the Reichman University (IDC Herzliya). His research focuses on understanding the core processes and brain systems that comprise human attention, memory and learning. A father of 6 and avid hiker, he is originally from New York, and currently resides in Israel.

Carla Aerts

Carla is an EdTech thought leader, strategist, and mentor, and driving force in bringing education to the 21st century, and has seen it from all angles: from impact in the classroom, research and venture creation to policy and regulation. Carla is passionately curious about learning, story, creativity and music. Carla is based in the Cotswolds.

Dr. Rafi Gidron

Rafi Gidron is a serial entrepreneur and lead of Precede Technologies family office. Co-founder and board member in many startups including Chromatis, E-toro, Zoomd, BiomX, BitDam, Scorpio, ArtAi, Worthy, Nanofabrica, Semperis, Vibrant, Voyage 81, Xperiti, and many others. He has also co-founded two non-profit national initiatives under the auspices of the late President Shimon Peres: Israel Brain Technologies and a Nanotechnology Initiative.